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Breakout 902 Escape Rooms Elite Squad is looking for new recruits. Your first mission is to infiltrate the planning room of an undisclosed organization. Time is of the essence as you only have one hour to complete this mission. Your team must work together to uncover what they are planning.

Auntie’s SecretAuntie’s Secret

Auntie’s secret is a family friendly room, with riddles, puzzles and surprises. Great for birthday’s, family fun or friends getting together.

Auntie has invited her niece and nephew over for a week when they arrived, she was not there but auntie has left clues on where to find her. 

Now Open

You are the CEO of Breakout, and have just been let go. One of your trusted spies has hidden the serum in your office and has snuck you in the building to get the serum. This serum is your life work, when left in the wrong hands it is a DNA altering super bomb, your goal is to keep the serum out of the wrong hands. 

You have one hour to get in find the serum and get out before anyone realizes your access card has been swiped.

For the young and old 

Trick or Treat 🎃 Children’s 

You have been invited to your friend’s Halloween party.  They have made it interesting because you have to follow clues to get to your treats and the party

Nightmare on Louisville Street ☠️👻 Adults

Your friends invited you to their party BUT the witch captured them before you got here.  Your smart friends left you clues as they were being put under a spell and transported to the Witch’s castle.  They only have an hour before they go poof!  Can you save them without being captured?